“Zhonghua Cup” Celebrating July 1 singing contest, our company employees get good grades

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On the evening of July 1, 2014,  The “Zhonghua Cup” Celebrating July 1 Singing Contest  which exclusively sponsored by our company  wad held in the big village stage of Zhongshan village.

1.Chairman Li Bugao admired  the red celebration  with his wife , Also invited the guests including  County Organization Department minister Song, County General Union chairman Wang, County Women's Federation chairman Sun, Youth League Committee of the County  secretary Liu , Cultural Broadcast and TV Bureau director Bao , etc. More than 300 seats were all occupied by the villagers who came and watched the contest, and many villagers had no seats , so they had to stand to the end of the contest. The popular and passionate red classic songs “My Chinese Heart”, "Green song in army",.” Mama in the candle light”,” my motherland ” were orderly performed. Each player with the proud feelings, singing loud and clear, the big village stage acted passionately.

Our company employees actively participated in this activity and get good grades, The personnel department of the group Wu Buhui depended on a passionate song "the same song" to won the second  prize  with the exquisite singing skills and unique  performing style in the contest; The personnel department of the group  Gao Lihong depended on a soulful song  " Ocean, my home "  won the third prize in the contest.